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All About Businesses is your trusted local partner for accounting and bookkeeping excellence.

Years in the Industry

We specialize in an endless amount of Service Businesses, Construction, Restaurants, Non-Profits, Online Businesses, Retail, and Wholesale, to name a few. With our combined experience we do it all!

Happy Clients

We deliver stellar customer service. Our goal is to give you financial freedom in the numbers so you can be the Business Owner you have always wanted to be.

Expert Accountants

Our Accounting Specialists alleviate the headaches of the Back Office and keep your books with consistent quality.

Allison’s Story

As a Diamond Level QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Allison has been providing outstanding bookkeeping services for over 9 years. Allison understands the Business Owner because she is one. It can be a struggle running a successful business and it’s next to impossible keeping your Accounting up-to-date, straight, and accurate. It’s challenging to juggle all the various hats while maintaining your books. And when you need help, it is especially hard to find a great Bookkeeper.

That’s where All About Businesses comes in. Allison is strong in any QuickBooks platform and well versed in integrating 3rd party applications with QuickBooks software. Her experience is strong with any Service Business, Construction, Travel, Restaurants, Non-Profits, Online Businesses, Retail, and Wholesale, to name a few.  In addition, Allison has over 20 years of customer service skills. She excels in clean-ups and set-ups. Allison can also handle daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly bookkeeping services that are tailored to your business. The best part of all, Allison is affordable!

Who We Are

We Are Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors

Being a ProAdvisor means that we test our skills every year. We know tricks and tips to give you the best service and experience. And more.

Allison Wolf

Allison Wolf

Founder & CEO

 As a bookkeeping expert in Portland, Oregon working with multiple industries to help small to medium sized businesses grow. I have massive bookkeeping knowledge in every financial department. I can do Accounts Receivable & Payable, Payroll, Sales Tax, Collections, Shipping, Customer Service and Sales. Businesses are intriguing to me. As your bookkeeper I love to help make your business grow with better financial accounting. At All About Businesses this is what I strive for. I enjoy working with startups, small to medium businesses, even companies with really messed up financials. I don’t get stressed out, to me, it’s fun because I am also a gifted problem solver. I can also do personal bookkeeping for people that run medium to large businesses and already have finance departments.

Casity Troutt

Casity Troutt

Veteran Bookkeeper

Casity has been with me for a long time. She is highly skilled in Construction, Distribution, Music Industry, Non-Profit, and a variety of Service Industries.

She has eyes like a Hawk and can spot any discreprency. She intense integrity. All the while being a wife and mother of five!

Laura Stovin

Laura Stovin


Laura is a fierce go-getter. She works at breakneck speed while being accurate. She works with Non-Profits, Transportation, and Shipping companies, to name a few.

She’s a wife and mother of two!

"Allison is FANTASTIC!!!!! I contacted Allison and we meet and went over what I need and if she could get my books straighten out. A real mess I'm so bad at bookkeeping. Allison did amazing job, so easy to work with. Took a lot of stress away from me. THANKS Allison!!!!!"

Lindsey Mortstad

"Allison has been a pleasure to work with. She has done an excellent job cleaning up our companies books and working closely with our accountant on taxes. She has gone above and beyond and far surpassed my expectations of an off site bookkeeper."

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Our Clients Are Like Family

We take on clients that have many issues or just want steady service. Our customers want results and we give them that. But we also give them laughs and share heartbreaks. We care about each person working for your company. My clients can speak candidly and no matter what, you will not be judged. You're going to be treated like an extended family.

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